Jim Deal, Retired U.S. Secret Service, Investigating Internet Crimes should be mandatory LE reference!

“Cyber-crime, internet fraud, online predators…we think they’re being addressed until we become the victims. Today’s law enforcement is ill-prepared to address against national security, let alone against our law-abiding citizens. Todd Shipley and Art Bowker are able to communicate what law enforcement responders need to know before they get the call – the information in this book must become a mandatory reference for law enforcement agencies everywhere.”

Jim Deal, United States Secret Service (Ret.) and original Supervisor of the San Francisco USSS Electronic Crimes Task Force

Neal Ysart, Director First August Ltd, likes Investigating Internet Crime by Shipley and Bowker

“At last….. Informed, pragmatic guidance from two highly experienced professionals who have actually spent time on the front line, not just the classroom.  This book is relevant for practitioners working in both law enforcement and within business – every aspiring cyber investigator should have a copy.” 

Neal Ysart, Director First August Ltd, Information and Corporate Risk Services

What do folks say about our book?

Our book is due out shortly. Both Todd and I are very pleased with how our collaborative efforts turned out. But what do others say about it? Well, we got the okay to share some of the reviewer’s comments.  We will be posting them here shortly.  Clearly based upon their unbiased observations our book will be on every investigator’s wish list for the coming year!