“Cyber crime rises in Mexico City”- This should not be a surprise

A new article from The News, a website dedicated to news in the country of Mexico, recently remarked that there is a significant increase in cyber crime in that country. “The cyber crime division of the Mexico City Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported on Monday that it has received 1,321 reports of cybercrimes over the last 10 months alone, with slander, identity theft and threats among the most common.” For our average cyber crime investigator the news is what Art and I have related in our book, hacking and child pornography are out there but traditional fraud and other crimes are occurring more frequently than most investigators understand.

The current reporting of cyber crime in the U.S and around the world is insufficient to understand the true magnitude of the cyber crime problem. Law enforcement administrators around the world need to evaluate the current processes of reporting cyber crime locally and to their central governments to actual grasp the amount of crime that is being committed on the Internet. Until law enforcement can record and evaluate the types and numbers of crimes being committed on the Internet there will continue to be an insufficient response to the problem.


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