Table of Contents

This page contains the table of contents for the book. We have updated it several times as we have been writing to ensure that the contents are as relevent as possible. We will continue to update this page as the material becomes final.

1. Introductions
2. Internet Criminals
3. How the Internet works
4. Collecting Legally defensible Online Evidence
5. Documenting Online Evidence
6. Using Online Investigative Tools
7. Online Digital Officer Safety
8. Tracing IP Addresses
9. Working Unseen on the Internet
10. Working Undercover on the Internet
11. Conducting Proactive and Reactive Investigations
12. Detection and Prevention of Internet Crimes
13. Internet Resources for locating evidence
14. Investigating Web pages
15. Investigating Social Networking Sites
16. Investigating Messaging and Chat
17. Case Studies: How it all comes together
18. Conclusion
19. Appendices


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